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Business Consulting

“It doesn’t matter how successful someone has been, they always reach their own glass ceiling.”  Kim Evans

As an entrepreneur or executive you may have been successful in the past, but now you find yourself (or your team) stalled. And you can’t seem to figure out how to reach the next level.   The mission of Your Wings is to help individuals and organizations achieve their greatest potential.  During her 18-year career in the business world, Kim looked well beyond the accepted and expected to help create healthy, thriving organizations.  She is skilled at creating, launching and building strong and profitable organizations.  

A catalyst to create transformation change

From years of experience in leadership roles within highly successful organizations, she knows that there is always an emotional component to business.  It may seem obvious to say that people are just human beings.  But Kim has seen first-hand that if people within the organization are struggling in their private life, it affects the work life and eventually the entire team. Which in turns affects growth and profitability. Kim helps discover where the limiting beliefs are, where people are hitting their own “glass ceiling”.  And then helps to process these limiting beliefs and move the entire team to a new level of harmony, growth and success.

A different type of team building

In her own, unique approach, she begins by going into the business and interviewing key employees.  She assesses what is working and what is not working. She looks at what is interfering with growth or is dysfunctional within the organization.  Only then does she make suggestions for changes.  And shows management how to work more effectively with the staff and team.  The result?  A better-operating organization, which leads to lucrative results.  

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