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Mind-Body Integration

No Longer Cut Off

Kim knows firsthand how powerful mind/body work can be.  As a child she struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia.  While it taught her be an over-achiever, she also got the message that all she needed to do was work harder.  When she was finally diagnosed in her 20's it was a pivotal point in her life.  After working with an internationally recognized expert in biofeedback, she was finally able to experience the unlimited possibilities of what her mind and body, together, could do.  And to discover that overcoming challenges like dyslexia was never a matter of “working harder” — not for her or anyone else.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method

So, she set about to help herself and others overcome their challenges.  She successfully completed the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute 4-year program.  RMS is a system for the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Just like Kim had been before, many people live in their heads, cut off from their bodies.  More import, they’re cut off from the wisdom of their bodies.  

From her own experiences Kim knew that with the right kind of guidance it was possible to fully integrate and leverage the innate knowledge of her body to live a stronger, richer life.  Beyond herself, she knew that every person could work with and talk with their body.  For anyone with stress and anxiety, mind-body work reduces that stress and anxiety. It helps create a powerful relationship between body/mind/emotions, and you are no longer cut off from the neck down.  

Your mind is like a 7-year old child

Kim will say that her dyslexia gave her the gift of seeing things differently.  Because of it she comes in through the back door to solve problems.  Thanks to her dyslexia she has the ability to see things that no one else sees.  One of her unique observations, informed by decades of working with clients, is that our minds will lie to us, rationalize.  But our bodies never lie to us.  She uniquely sees that our minds are like a 7-year old child.  And that we unknowing allow that 7-year old to direct our lives.  She often tells clients to just “take the car keys away” and let your adult self drive instead of that younger self.  

It doesn’t have to be hard

Fundamental to Kim’s mind-body is doing it with ease.  Contrary to early experiences that led her to believe that she had to “work harder,” she’s devoted herself to helping her clients make transformational changes the easy way.  Her approach as well as her own integration exercises are meant to create a refreshingly smooth and loving integration of mind, body and spirit for each of her clients.  

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