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Your Wings Now Offers A Natural, Drug-Free Brain Performance Booster

“I have just completed my 10th session of NeurOptimal. After just 3 sessions, I felt much more grounded, calm and focused. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and he noticed a difference in me right away. My overall energy level has greatly improved. But, the main improvement is how I quickly I return to the task at hand with focus and clarity, when I have been interrupted or distracted. I’m also experiencing much less anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.”  Kathy Hirschi

When it comes to improving your quality of life, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is THE performance booster.

It is well documented that a good diet and exercise program can increase longevity and improve our strength and stamina. But what about your mental fitness? The fact is, your brain, just like your body, can be trained for greater performance, flexibility and focus. A balanced and relaxed brain improves our mind’s abilities, and develops greater overall peace and happiness.

Your brain can learn to become more focused and perform better, which will enhance your quality of life. NeurOptimal® helps build these untapped qualities to improve your daily life and overall success.

The NeurOptimal® system is a very advanced technology. Essentially, it is a safe, brain fitness program which develops greater and more efficient neural resources. What does more efficient brain function “feel” like? The first thing many users report is a substantial improvement in the quality of their sleep, stating that they sleep more soundly.

After a few NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions, users report feeling more focused, calm and centered.work faster,  more efficiently and experience a significant reduction in physical complaints. Clients report being less bothered by doubts and insecurities, and experience greater confidence and satisfaction. Negative self-talk or upsetting thoughts simply drop away.  Free from distraction, the brain can now focus on the present with greater ease, and accomplish the desired task and goals.

How does it work?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for increasing focus, reducing stress and anxiety, and building greater confidence and wellness in your life. NeurOptimal® trains your brain to be more flexible and resilient. Without pushing it in any specific direction, the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system interacts with your central nervous system in a way that improves neural plasticity. A mind that is more flexible adapts and responds quicker and more appropriately to changes in your environment.The more easily your brain adjusts to changes encountered in a normal, busy day, the better you feel.

NeurOptimal® can also help build brain resilience, or increase the central nervous system’s ability to “bounce back” from a negative event.  Negative feelings associated with a personal conflict or bad day at work can ’loop’ for hours or days, long after the event has passed. The destructive effect of nervous, repetitive or self-critical thinking is magnified in more severe events such as physical or emotional trauma, PTSD or the loss of a loved one. Instead of staying stuck in the negativity of these events, the resilient brain will snap back and return to its normal baseline more quickly. Individuals with a more resilient brain report enjoying a more profound sense of peace, happiness and success.

Health & Performance Benefits from Neurofeedback:

Morgan T. Hirschi


For more information or to schedule a package of sessions contact us at neuro@your-wings.com

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