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An Organic Beginning

Your Wings developed as the natural evolution of the totality of Kim’s life: the influences and traumas in her early life, her academic struggles and studies, and her work experiences. Kim first attended Indiana University and then upon her move to Santa Barbara, transferred to Antioch University, majoring in Psychology and Organizational Development.  Her schooling had always been a confusing struggle, and finally while attending Antioch her life-long mystery was solved – she was tested and diagnosed with dyslexia. All the years of being undiagnosed had left its emotional scares but now understanding and clarity began shining through with this missing piece of the puzzle finally solved. Kim immediately started seeing connections, and theorized what type of therapy methods and body/mind exercises would work well with students and adults who had dyslexia.

While still attending school, Kim received help writing her first grant and became the co-founder of Santa Barbara City College’s first Counseling Program within their Learning Disability Program. During the summer break, she was offered her first of what was to become many leadership positions in the non-profit sector over the next fifteen (15) years.

Throughout her tenure of being director of non-profits or programs, and her subsequent career as a national non-profit and business consultant, she observed that there was always emotional components that could sabotage an organization or business owners success.  Always being intrigued on how the mind/body connection worked, in 1998 she began her studies at the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute.  Rubenfeld explores the interrelationship between body, mind, emotions and spirit to achieve healing and harmony.  During her studies at RSMTI she hypothesized that she could enhance patients’ healing by working closely with doctors and other professionals and applying the RSM principles, as well as her own mind/body exercises she had developed in the 80’s.  As part of her academic project she began a close association with two Osteopaths.  And upon graduation, this relationship and its referral base gave birth to Your Wings.

 Kim’s Own, Unique Method

Mirroring her experiences in the business and non-profit world, at Your Wings she reached beyond the expected to innovate new forms of healing.  From a lifetime of working with and observing people, she knew that no matter who, no matter where, everyone has their own limiting beliefs — and don’t even know they are there.  It didn’t matter if it was individuals, established businesses, entrepreneurs, government or Fortune 500 companies.  But she also knew that those limiting beliefs, that “glass ceiling”, could disappear. Deeply intuitive, she developed her own theories and put them into practice.  As an adult, in her own work to heal traumas from her childhood, she had seen her life change dramatically through mind/body therapies.  In her practice the more patients she saw, the more theories she began to develop on the optimal way to heal.  Her focus at Your Wings was on creating an accelerated method of healing.  

“I love what a wonderful tapestry the universe creates, once you’re able to see it.” - Kim Evans

Kim is devoted to her own her own healing.  She never stops learning.  Not only from others in the world of healing, but she learns from her patients as well.  They continue to spur her forward to fine-tune her methods.

Today, Kim has helped thousands over the past 30 years to achieve their greatest potential.  From her traumas as a young child, through her educational experiences, into the working world where she innovated and discovered , she came full circle to now help others with your carefully developed and crafted techniques to help others overcome their own “glass ceilings.”  She has clients around the US, in three countries and is continuing to expand her practice.  

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