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Business at my clinic was good; however, stagnant. I have been a participant of many personal growth seminars and also professionally, I had previously been a business coach and in corporate management. Even though this was my background, I found myself and my business stuck, with no ideas about what was holding me in this pattern.

A few of my patients had worked with Kim. Things in their lives were changing and improving quickly. I called Kim to meet to discuss referring my patients to her (up to this point, I had not found anyone I felt was competent enough to refer patients). Upon meeting her, I knew I would also personally take advantage of her amazing insights and abilities, both as a lifestyle and business coach.

Within a short period of time, improvements were happening. I was making better decisions once my personal “stuff” got out of my way (yes, our personal issues can reflect in our business!). Many “Ah-Ha!” moments for me have allowed shifting to take place.

My business and my life are now moving from good to GREAT. I highly recommend Kim for you, your business, and your staff.



My work with Kim Evans has been life changing both personally and professionally.  I began working with Kim in the fall of 2013 and my health, my career and my relationships have all improved significantly to the point that I am now the happiest, healthiest and most vibrant I have EVER been, again, personally AND professionally.

I originally went to see Kim for professional coaching because I knew I was capable of more.  Kim’s approach of integrating one’s life experiences into the process is brilliant.  Of COURSE our life long patterns and beliefs are going to impact our professional abilities and limitations but we tend to think that these aspects of ourselves are compartmentalized somehow.  With Kim’s help, we identified what those were and have been able to take my day to day professional challenges and now consciously make different decisions and associations.  The result is that I now blow past roadblocks I never even knew existed or maybe knew, but didn’t know I had the ability to work beyond.

I am so very grateful to Kim for truly helping me find my wings.  Because of it, I am able to help so many others find theirs.  I highly recommend Kim to anyone who is ready to put the work in to improve their life. 

Mari Rose Tautimes | VP of Marketing & Operations

Western Asset Protection

Words can't express how much Kim Evans has done for me or how highly I think of her. Working with Kim, I have made major breakthroughs  for my life and my business. She has an amazing ability to uncover the deeply held beliefs that keep us from thriving in life. Once I had an awareness, she gave me the tools I need to develop new beliefs that match the person I have become. I have made major strides in my personal life, my health and my business. She is a priceless guide, mentor, and role model for me. Kim is the best guide for someone like me who takes on more than they can handle and yet believes I can do it. She clears out the obstacles and gives me a clear track to run on to reach my dreams. I am confident Kim can help professionals reach and live at their highest potential.

Victoria Trafton

Founder, Sisterhood of Happiness

Kim has an extraordinary gift.  To be the recipient of this gift is awe inspiring.  She is able to see beyond what I project and into my very heart.  She is able to cut through the clutter and incisively find those long-ago wounds, those hidden messages and those stories that are keeping me down.  It’s like she can reach into the past and find the one tiny shard of trauma that has had me stuck for decades.  A pain so deep that I didn’t even know it existed.  When she brings it into the light I can see it for what it is for the first time in my life.  I can understand how it has harnessed my life.  And then, like magic, watch it dissolve and go away.  I don’t have to laboriously resurrect it and do an autopsy and talk about it endlessly.  It just… disappears.  And with it, all the limits that have invisibly haunted me.  Kim says it’s her “accelerated method”.  I say it’s a miracle.  The sense of freedom and open sky that comes with working with Kim is the gift that she gives to each and every one of her clients. 

Deborah Johnson

President, High-Stakes Communication

Kim Evans has been an integral part of my success as a woman, a partner, a business owner in the real estate industry. With her gentle yet direct processes for bringing out the very best in me, I have experienced life at a whole new level. More money, less anxiety, more fun, less worry, deeper relationships with others and the casting off of all things that no longer serve me...or maybe never did. 

I would recommend Kim, and have, to men and women around the world. With her help, I believe, we can create a world that in the past we have only dreamed of being part of!

Kristine Kittleson “KK”

The AZ Real Estate Team

Keller Williams

What made me consider working with Kim Evans were the changing I could noticed in the people I knew who worked with her.  What made me stay a client of Kim’s were the pronounced changes that occurred with me.  Prior to working with her I don’t believe I ever understand what it meant to be present in your life. The difference is from living as if you are watching a movie to being the central character in that movie.  Truly experiencing the full range of emotions, yet knowing you are in control of your emotional reaction.  I highly recommend the work she does to anyone ready to let go of limitation and wanting to extend their possibilities in life.

Diana Creel Elarde

Writer, Educator & Motivational Speaker

Kim came highly recommended by a networking group of mine. I wasn’t really looking to see someone like her (wasn’t even entirely sure what she did) but everyone spoke so highly about how she helped them I figured I would see what the buzz was all about. I am so thankful that I did, because until working with Kim, I had not realized how much I was  holding myself and my relationship back. She has significantly helped to improve both my personal and professional life, I trust her with my deepest secrets and fears, and she has given me beneficial tools that will last a lifetime.


District Manager, Waddell & Reed, Inc.

Excellent intuition, expertise, knowledge, warmth, and compassion are traits not often found in ONE individual, but Kim has them all.  She helped me to find clarity so that I could make clear, confidant decisions.  I thank her for guiding me through some very difficult times and getting me to a happy place again.

Stefanie Gorres Bermel

Kim Evans has been helping me for the past two years in so many ways.  She is a great and wise listener, healer, leader, advisor, and confidante.  What amazes me about her especially is that she remembers everything I have ever told her, which is so useful in the healing work we have been doing together to make my life more wonderful.

Her helping to steer me in the right direction at each meeting has been a life-safer for me. She keeps me balanced, on course, improving, hopeful, and excited about my future. I would recommend her to anyone for anything.  I consider her my guru and my mentor.

Julie Sheppard,

Trustee, The Sheppard Foundation

Kim Evans is unparalleled among therapists. With her striking precision in identifying what is unresolved in her clients and calling it into our bodily awareness, Kim works like a therapeutic accelerator. During our year of therapy together, I grew more than I had in the combined five years of therapy prior to meeting her. I have described Kim’s style like a focused laser beam. Calling upon a highly refined intuition combined with years of experience delivering the truth to her clients, Kim honed in on what was fragmented from my awareness and empowered me to shift out of victim stance and into power and activation. I remember first walking into her office with my shoulders caved in, my heart buried and my past dictating my life. I remember walking out at the end of our work with my head high and my life current, knowing that if I wanted to, I could fly.  Among many, perhaps Kim’s greatest gift as a therapist is her unwavering love for her clients and unflinching devotion to our liberation.  She is fierce and compassionate, uncompromising yet humble, intelligent and truly funny, at once.  Four years after my year of therapy with her, I continue to draw upon the healing power of her guidance on a daily basis.

Dr. Jessica Tartaro

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Community Organizer, Austin, Texas

I am so grateful to Kim for providing insight into my personal and professional life.  She allowed me to discover the issues surrounding my procrastination and blocks which were preventing my moving forward.  She helped me to release these blocks so that I could not only move forward and succeed, but to THRIVE!!

Kim's gift can best be described as intense spiritual and energetic guidance.  Guiding her clients to personal as well as professional success and JOY!

Suzannah Nickell

Angel Presence Healing Center

Kim Evans truly gave me my wings!  When she says she moves fast, if we're willing to do the work, it’s true. I felt very safe in her presence.  She is a gifted special soul who cares deeply about each and every one of her clients.  She is an empathic energy worker who helped me get in touch with my deepest issues which allowed healing to take place in a way I never imagined.  Kim is truly helping the planet to heal one person at a time. I am so grateful!!

Barbara Adams

Kim is like Mary Poppins... She's got a bag FULL of helpful tools and exercises to share so that one may become self sufficient in identifying and overcoming unhealthy patterns. My husband and I have very "alive minds," as Kim calls it, and had found it challenging to find adequate support...until we met her. We still use her tools on an almost daily basis. Always an open vessel for her intuition to come through, Kim always incorporates strength, compassion and sensitivity into her work. She is outstanding! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in aligning with their truth. 

Desirae Bloom

Ascension of the Heart™

Kim is amazing!  She helped me identify life patterns I didn't realize existed.  Patterns that have been holding me back personally and professionally.  Kim has helped me work thru areas that have been blocked or forgotten.  We've accomplished more in three months than I've ever accomplished going thru "conventional" therapy.  One of my favorite things about Kim is that she creates an environment that is relaxing and fun.  I actually look forward to seeing her...for her guidance and laughs.

Marge Milano 

Kim has been an invaluable resource for me over the years. I have been a client off and on since 2002. She is always there when you need her, and yet encourages you to go on your own when you are ready. I have referred many people to her, knowing she is the best at what she does. Kim has assisted me in a variety of areas including: facing and working through my personal struggles, discovering and fulfilling my dreams and passions, and even in practical ways like setting up a successful business and budget. She gets to the core of your being and demonstrates living in an authentic way.  Words cannot express my gratitude for her involvement and guidance in my life. Kim truly does help you to find your wings and then empowers you to fly!

Sheryl Haarman

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

I was referred to Kim Evans through a mutual friend. I have found Kim to be highly intuitive and highly skilled on many levels. Not only is she skilled as a Rubenfeld Synergist, but also as a Life Coach, and a Career and Business Consultant. In the couple of months since I have started seeing her, she has made a huge difference in my life. I am grateful to the mutual friend for having encouraged me to go see Kim, and I myself have recommended others to see her. Her passion is helping others, and making their dreams come true. If it were not for her, I would likely not be pursuing my own dreams, still be working a job that was causing me to wake up at 2 AM in panic attacks. Now those are gone. Thanks Kim for all you do - for me and for everyone!


I am still reaping the benefits of my work with Kim from a year ago, and I remain most grateful. Because of Kim’s support, I now have a thriving business, as she guided me through my fears and how to move through blocks, to become successful. I also experienced healing and breakthroughs with communicating with family members, and I’m now feeling empowered being with my family again.  Kim, your giving and commitment to support me to be the best that I can be, has brought me to a place of light. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

With Love and Thankfulness


Kim Evans initially came into my life during my marriage crisis with me shouting for "HELP!"  Kim's calm, warm and generous spirit helped me get to a place of peace and knowledge.  The future looked very different after my time with Kim, and I now have the tools I need to embrace happiness.  I would often go into a session frustrated and in great need of a "lightning bolt" to go off and give me hope for the future, and Kim never failed to amaze me with her phenomenal insight.  
Once we tackled my marriage situation, we moved into other areas of my life, and Kim quickly became a life coach and fitness consultant also!  I am constantly utilizing the pearls of wisdom - tools - I learned during my journey with Kim.  Kim is truly gifted and has completely changed my life.
I have referred several people that I love to Kim and am pleased to hear how many lives she has touched.  Kim will definitely change your life!

Ruth Crabtree

I have worked with Kim Evans off and on when needed, for a number of years and have been extremely pleased with the results in my life. She has helped me in a myriad of ways and areas, including career, relationships and spirituality. The bodywork she does, Rubenfeld Synergy, is amazing and has allowed me be more aware of my body and energy. Kim has a compassion and understanding of the human experience that I have not found anywhere else. She speaks to the core of the issue with tenderness and humor and always has encouragement, comfort and ideas for moving forward. Her heart is open wide to helping others, and this is reflected in all that she does.